Yearly Events



Science Fair – students in grades 1 through 5 come up with original experimental projects which they develop on their own and present to their classmates, teachers and judges. The judges then evaluate the projects.
Cultural Fair – students choose a country from a continent that their class is working on and it. They then set up a display in their classroom based on the country. On cultural fair day, parents get passports and travel through each classroom (continent) and then get to taste the food from each country at the international banquet hosted by the students.
Hajj Assembly – Students learn about a part of hajj with their class and they carry out the whole of hajj during a hajj assembly. There is a bazaar and food is sold to benefit a deserving cause so that the students learn about the concept of charity in Islam.
Poetry Slam – We have a poetry month, where each class write their own poem individually or as a in Arabic and English. The poems are then recited on a day when parents are invited. There is an open mic session where teachers and parents also recite their favorite poems.
Arabic/Quran Competition–Students are prepared to participate and compete in leveled (by grades and levels) competitions in Arabic spelling and vocabulary. Quran competitions are also held yearly to choose students who memorize the most with the correct tajweed.
Spelling Bee– Students memorize leveled spelling lists and participate in spelling bee in school and the winners then go on to participate in inter-school spelling bee.
Earth Day – classrooms share presentations about conserving resources and being vicegerents of Earth.