LANGUAGE ARTS: phonics, reading and writing through multi-disciplinary activities; reading aloud from various genres; oral expression through discussion and presentation; general introduction to letter formation; self-expression through creative writing.

MATHEMATICS: number relationships; number combinations to ten; sorting and classification of objects; measurement of length, weight and time; attributes of shapes; data collection and recording; identification, description and extension of patterns.

SOCIAL STUDIES: an exploration of how basic needs are met, families are constituted and holidays are observed in similar and different ways throughout the world.

SCIENCE: study of motion and forces, using marbles; behavior, anatomical structure and ecology of gerbils and earthworms and their relationships to the rest of the animal kingdom; characteristics of leaves; water on Earth; sinking and floating; dissolving and evaporating; day and night.

WORK AND PLAY: time to play, learn, explore and experience through role playing and problem solving; block building, board games, puzzles and self-initiated art projects.

RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY: weekly class using book discussions, art projects, dramatic role playing, movement and theater games to focus on character, friendship and resolving conflicts.

ART: exploration of many media through work in two and three dimensions;development of strong fine motor skills.

CRAFTS: three-dimensional art projects; lifelong skills such as sewing.

SERVICE LEARNING: various activities and projects to benefit All Souls
Soup Kitchen.