Application & Fee

Tuition / Fee

Student Tuition/ Fees and  2019/2020


New students            $150 (per family)
Returning students   $75 (per family)


K2 to 5th grade        –                   $4,900   

Pre -K1 (Full time)      –                 $6,500

Pre- K1 Part-time (3 days)     –     $4,900

Pre- K1 Part-time (5 Half days) –  $4,900 

Deposit Due 1st Day of School

Includes Book and/or Supply fees and all activity fees

Pre-K1       –      $320                  K2-5th       –     $400

T-shirt Fee                       Sweatshirt Fee

All grades  –   $10                      $20

Standardized Testing Fee (Due Jan. 2)

1st -5th Grade    $35


Tuition Discounts

Sibling Discount – The second child receives a discount of $500 yearly and the third child $1,500 yearly. The fourth child receives a $2,000 discount and the fifth child receives free tuition (other fees not included).


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2019-20 Tuition Assistance

An education from Noble Academy is an investment in your child’s future. Providing an independent school education requires careful planning and commitment, however, the need for tuition assistance should never discourage a family from applying for admission. Applications are available in the Noble Academy office.