LANGUAGE ARTS: reading in small groups using phonics and whole language; plays, poetry and stories for guided reading; focus on oral expression, comprehension and analytical skills as well as handwriting and spelling skills.

CREATIVE WRITING: emphasis on writing freely from the imagination and from the inspiration of literature; story structure, sequencing of events and character development; elementary editing of grammar and punctuation.

MATHEMATICS: place value; number relationships and properties; number combinations to 20; creation and solution of story problems; measurement of length, weight and time; identification and classification of 2-D and 3-D shapes; organization, representation and comparison of data; creation, description and extension of patterns.

SOCIAL STUDIES: a yearlong study of New York City, beginning with community and neighborhood and expanding to the five boroughs with attention to geography, history, landmarks and transportation, and to individual differences and similarities within the classroom community.

SCIENCE: properties of air and aerodynamics; comparative study of human and animal teeth; behavior, anatomical structure and ecology of land snails and their relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom; seed germination; bird anatomy and identification; states of matter and the water cycle; the solar system.

RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY: continuation of program begun in Kindergarten.

ART: introduction to the tools, techniques, materials and practices of the art studio: an accordion bookmaking project that records the journey of a dot as it becomes a line, journeys through space and takes on different characteristics; basic concepts associated with image making, such as shape, texture, contrast, pattern, color mixing and composition.

CRAFTS: continuation of program begun in Kindergarten.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: gymnastics, dance and three physical education classes each week, including one double period, with focus on locomotor skills and basic sports skills such as throwing, catching and dribbling; jumping and landing techniques; body control and coordination; swimming for one trimester.