LANGUAGE ARTS: reading in small groups with focus on oral expression, comprehension and analytical skills, with weekly phonics rules and spelling practice; handwriting and grammar.

CREATIVE WRITING: emphasis on the stages of the writing process; introduction to free-form poetry.

MATHEMATICS: place value; estimation; addition and subtraction; introductory multiplication and division; introduction to fractions and decimals; money; properties of numbers; units of measurement; identification and classification of 2-D and 3-D shapes; data analysis; number patterns.

SOCIAL STUDIES: recent topics have included exploration of students’
family histories; indigenous culture of Eastern Woodland Native Americans with emphasis on the Lenape; life in New Amsterdam; leaders in the civil rights movement and the influence of jazz, art and poetry as unifying forces in American society.

SCIENCE: study of characteristic properties of rocks and minerals; geological change; behavior, anatomical structure and ecology of a snake; liquid and linear measurement; structure and growth requirements of green plants; sound and light; structure and function of the eye and ear; stars.

RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY: continuation of program begun in

LIBRARY: further building of skills and exploration of reading for pleasure; a unit on versions of the Cinderella folktale.

COMPUTERS: introduction to computer graphics, including copying and pasting objects; short writing projects; introduction to the file server, network login, saving and retrieving files; learning how to explore new programs.

ART: an exploration of visual density through the creation of overlapping shapes. Subject matter varies but often considers the art of other cultures and areas explored in science, social studies and language arts.