ENGLISH: close reading in small groups and discussion of short stories, novels and essays; reading, writing, memorization of poetry and of selected portions from sacred texts studied in history; spelling, handwriting and grammar; public speaking and debate; skits and class plays.

WRITING: expository and creative writing; formal paragraph writing; mimetic stories; strategies for planning, writing and editing.

MATHEMATICS: continued development of computational and problem-solving skills through work on real-world problems; geometry and spatial relationships; extensive investigation of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percent’s to strengthen number sense and computational fluency.

HISTORY: a study of immigration; close comparative study of basic tenets of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, using sacred texts; topics in the Middle Ages, including the structure of society, the heroic ideal and the role of religion; research reports with bibliography.

SCIENCE: properties of magnets; simple machines including levers and gears and how they use mechanical advantage; behavior, anatomical structure and ecology of selected insects and their relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom; structure, uses and prevention of mold and its ecological role as a decomposer; phases of the moon.

COMPUTERS: continued development of touch-typing skills and computer programming; creation of slideshow presentations; introduction to desktop publishing.

ART: rotating twelve-week courses in ceramics, carpentry and photography.