Faculty & Staff

Shakura  Wilkins

I am the  1st grade science and computer teacher, as well as recess and lunch monitor. I have taught as an elementary school teacher for over 15 years. 11 of the years I had the honor of teaching at  Noble Academy, previously known as Mutanafisun Academy. During the early years of Mutanafison (Noble Academy) I taught  3rd– 5th grade Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. During this time I was the president of the Parent and Teachers Organization for the school.  Likewise at present I hold the same title of President of the PTO of Noble Academy.  I am excited to be back!

I would like to share my love for teaching and my enthusiasm for helping to make Noble Academy the best it can be. I hold a BS, in Civil Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, In Boston, MA. I have also taken courses on Childhood development, children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and auditory processing disorders. My older children were part of Noble Academy and are now in college.

 Huda Khattab 

I am now a Quran teacher for 3rd grade at Noble Academy. I tutor when there is a need. I started teaching at Nobel academy one year ago,  2018.

I have:  1 year officially teaching Quran at Noble Academy. I attended The Conservation of The Holy Quran Society, Amman Jordan. I am certified in teaching Tajweed Al-Quran Alhamduilillah, I was at the top in my Tajweed Class. I decided to teach students Quran hoping to be among those prophet Mohammed mentioned in the Hadeeth (خيركم من تعلّم القران وعلمه ). I am enjoying working at Noble Academy and hope to be here for many years. I think all children can learn Quran and  Arabic. My approach is to teach them where they are and then build on what they know. I also obtained a  B.A in Interior Design from Philadelphia University, Jordan in 2017.